Social Compliance Monitoring


   Name                                        Email

Mr. Shahed Iqbal (ID No: 00000092)                          

Mr. Palash Chowdhury (ID No: 00000090)           


 Management Informaiton System (IT and ERP)
     Name                                        Email

Mr. Md Manirul Islam Khan (ID No: 00013047)           

Mr. Riazul Islam Rubel (ID No: 00114724)                

Human Resource Management

   Name                                         Email

Mr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman (ID No: 00000274)         

 Engineering & Workshop Department
   Name                                         Email

Mr. Mohammed Kamrul Hossain (ID No: 00030890)     

Mr. Md. Shamsul Alam Masum (ID No: 00000103)       


Our department consists of the Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering team. This department consists of 49 permanent employees who look after all the units of the Four H Group. There are also specific team members in each factory unit. The prime duties and responsibilities of this department are Facility Planning and Layout preparation, looking after the Construction and Expansion Projects, Maintaining Compliance with Building Codes, Infrastructure Maintenance, Ensure Environmental Sustainability, Budgeting and Cost Estimation, Vendor and Contractor Management, Collaboration with other departments, Quality Control and Assurance, Ensuring proper Safety and Security Measures, Utilities Management, Energy Management, Emergency Response Planning, Monitoring Installation and Maintenance activities, Adaptation to Industry Trends.