Company Overview

At the zero hour of Four H Group, there was a strong emotion with a belief to grow the business. 2003 would be marked as a founding year of Four H Group. Four H Fashions Ltd., starting with 86 machines, a single facility, turns into a Group of companies. With a view to analysis of the facts & figure of Four H Group, we are furnishing the following information. Four H an integrated manufacturer and exporter of premium quality under wear and intimate wear in full range of fashion and casual categories in all of the seasonal, ages, sizes categories for ladies, men and for the children. To name of you these items include brief, bikini, hi cut, thong, hipster, thermal top–bottom, Nightwear, cami, Sportswear, Swimwear etc.

Established in 2003, Four H host as integral group concern linked at vertically and horizontally in an industry premises configure with all of necessary infrastructure and facility such as factory building having in total of one million square feet working floor, 5000 KW per hour capacity are power back up. ETP to calm a group as an industrial assurance and reveal other like inspection room for its buyer and their representative, it has some design and development section with top of the line and master expertise and computer added marking system.

To help this in the tailoring expertise in the minimizing re-suggest of fabric optimizing and ensuring identical re-production including sample. It includes advance electric system to generate market for cutting fabric. Confirming and locally as well as globally accepted a factories and labor laws a vision and invention. Four H Group graded a height of ethical and group practices for its nearly 28,000 employees and staff members. It maintains a very high order of industry relation. Four H provide it’s vigorous and environment of security. Four H Group provides hygienic canteen and supreme medical facilities, care for maternity privilege & childcare for the working of children. And of course it provides other compensation and remittance.

Four H offer an atmosphere, face and comfortable to successfully fight occupation, hazard the situation like fire incident operational skills and share common attitude towards right rationality and productivity, the optimistic capacitate laboratory to conduct highly calibrated test protocol to ensure unlimited standard of dyeing quality its buyer seek for. It has testing facilities like spectra photo meter, rubbing, fastness, both dry and wet condition, perspiration, color and washing fastness, stretch and recovering of spandex fabric etc. It has input water treatment facility a testimony to Four H is share responsibility to the environment all of its dyeing refuses are properly challenges into this 100 Quebec meter of per hour capacity. A few an treatment plan of most contemporary technology with large dehydration it clam a view end chemically and biologically before realizing that back into the eco system in a save manner.

On the way to itself judging the friendly nest to the workers government has awarded 4H best knitwear factory in Bangladesh export trophy winner GOLD and SILVER in 05-06/06-07/08-09/11-12/15-16 and Govt. certified as most complaint company with WRAPS accredited , Sedex registered , Organic certified. Four H Group is fully vertical to fit the export demand of using highly sophisticated machine of world’s most luxury and demanding brands. It is manufacturing all righting of knit fabric such as single and double jersey , cotton elastane , rib cotton elastane , interlock , thermal and many more .

FOUR H GROUP has a fully equipped environment friendly dyeing factory. Four H dyes all of its fabric by itself. This factory having more than 500 thousand square feet of working space has more updated and mostly Germany origin state of the earth machinery lines in store split, stander, compactor as well as squeezer. Four H dyes & finish tubular as well as open width. Presently about 35 tons of knit fabric being dyed here per day and it’s now a way to having daily capacity of 40 tons the end of the year.Its dyeing unit is equipped to offer overstep solution. Four H has established to his own plant with its international standard packing materials such as corrugated carton, polybag, gum tape and the line. It produces other accessories elastic, label and many more. Four H is capable in printing in all specification ranging from flat screen development in 10-12 color it can print about 7500 garment in placement and 3000 KG of knitted fabric every day.

Being certified of Oeko-tex standard 100 product class 1 and as well as maintain global organic textile standard. FOUR H pride on carried forward its mission of garment carrying out of strangling making quality of fabric yard by yard and using marker generated by computerized marking system . Four H address is cutting rule salutation subsequently molding of fabric and other staffing materials follows. There after line operation start a swing floor are designed with highly configure with factory specification and here 216 lines of globally reputed brand swing machine. Having most contemporary support devices and other special feature to an able FOUR H of making any kind of underwear and intimate wear are extremely restricted CT PAT designated.

Invariable heating in quality bottom line being back here complain to desired code of conduct accordingly export cargo are shipped under a constant surveillance. Four H has a very long wide and solid client at portfolio to EUROPE, USA, CANADA, and the Middle East, Japan. Registering a nearly average export growth of over 15% since inception, Four H has ported growth export workout US$ 340 million in the year of 2022.

YES, the finest raw material and accessories, entering quality in diverse, competitive price, on time delivery, environmental promises, and employee friendliness as well. The profession of dynamic professionalism led by the leader providing through commitment and performing had given Four H a very powerful inner happening ultimate growing. Remaining in a full front meeting at the driver stage and standard.